Hello Friends!

To be completely honest this is not how I expected my 2016-2017 year to look, it was never part of the life plan. Until recently I was in the works of completing a nursing degree. With a lot of thought and a little bit of courage I decided this wasn't the right direction for me and left. Instead I chose to take a risk and follow a creative passion - floral designing!

I was lucky enough to land a pretty sweet gig right off the bat. This summer I have been working with Sas Long of Floralora Flowers (a sustainable flower farmer). She is not only one of the most hardworking, dedicated, and thoughtful women I know, but also an incredibly patient and generous teacher. I have learned so much from her in the past three months! A lot happened in a short period of time with weekly subscriptions, weddings, and general garden maintenance. This was an experience that I will forever be grateful for.

But! My time here is almost up - darn you changing seasons - and my next step is in the works. I made this blog for family and friends to follow my journey, mind you overtime who knows what this project could develop into. Possibly an online store front.

So officially, welcome to my floral adventure I can't wait to share with you all that is waiting to unfold!



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If you have questions about anything at all, life, flowers, travel, food feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you!