Goodbye Melbourne! 

The first leg of my trip is already over. 5 days spent in this beautiful city flew by! That may have had to do a little bit with jet lag, I was usually in bed pretty early, hehehe. I think I am over that now luckily! 

For not being much of a city girl, I really enjoyed myself here. There was always lot’s going on. Some of the best parts included graffitied alleyways, the great ocean road tour (awesome!!!), new friends, killer coffee, St. Kilda Beach, Queen Victoria Market, Rose Art Market and a handful of botanical gardens.  

I stayed in a hostel, which I really liked. Not only was it affordable it was also full of snazzy perks! The staff was super friendly and full of tips about the city. It was clean and well organized, almost every night there was an activity – like a ping pong tournament. Which was a fun way to meet new people. By staying here I got to hang out with people from all around the world; Switzerland, Germany, and the USA. Since I am travelling alone this was lovely, there was always someone around to do something with. There is also a fully stocked communal kitchen, win win! So you buy groceries and are able to make whatever you want. This is another way to save a bunch of money + I like cooking so it was a good deal. 

I was thinking that I would just write out what I enjoyed but it might be better to make a top 5 best moment list instead. Here we go! 

#5: Grafitti – this city is covered in art. Every single alleyway has something different from the next. Some good and some not so good, kind of like all grafitti. But it makes for an interesting walk around. While I was there actually, Banksy, a very famous Grafitti artist was holding an exhibition. 

Melbourne street art
#4: Markets – I made it to three markets well I was here. Two craftier markets with lot’s of things made by artisans. Both of which pop up near Christmas time. Most products up for buying were made in Melbourne, like jewellery, pottery, cards, prints, and clothing. It was nice to see what makers here are into! 
#3: Royal Botanical Gardens – I spent an afternoon here and I still can’t get over how stunning this garden was. There were waterfalls, and plants of all types. When you stepped through the gate it almost felt as if you weren’t in the city anymore. Most of the city sounds disappeared because of how large the garden was. If we had one at home I can tell you I would spend a lot of time there. 

Hydrangeas in the botanical gardens
#2: Coffee – DELISH! I was told about this before I got here, but didn’t expect it to be so good. Interestingly only espresso is offered, drip coffee basically doesn’t exist. On the plane here I was even warned that if a place serves drip coffee don’t get coffee there. I thought this was funny as drip coffee is such a big part of coffee drinking at home. It is important to mention though that the price reflects the quality. It is very common to pay close to 5 dollars for a coffee. (But very worth it). It just means you may not to drink it as frequently, I’ve been having a hard time with that!
Tasty tasty cappuccino

#1: The Great Ocean Road – Most spectacular view I have seen yet. And by yet I mean in my whole life not this trip alone. We drove tight along the coast for about 4 hours, this featured beautiful shorelines with massive waves to your right and then rolling mountains covered in eucalyptus to your left. I also got to see a real life koala and a cockatoo while I was out and about. As we drove along the coastline we made stops to places like the 12 apostles, the gorge, a lighthouse and one or two other sites. My favourite had to be the gorge and you will see why soon! 

The Gorge
Gazing over the 12 Apostles

In real time, I am actually in Tasmania right now and I will have a post about that coming soon. It has been hard to stay on top of journaling and writing a blog while I am actually in the places I am in. That means right now I am playing a bit of catch up! 


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