Season’s End

Fall is here. I know this not only from the leaves changing colour, but also because I have a bit more free time – for things like reflecting on the passing season! I know for sure that this summer was one of my busiest yet but also the most rewarding, which actually if I am being honest makes for a great mix. Mostly because this type of busy feels good.

This summer I was lucky enough to spend 2-3 days of each week working with Sas Long of Floralora Flowers making beautiful things (check out my gallery!!). Floralora Flowers is a small scale flower farm, using organic and sustainable growing practices and Sas is the flower goddess full of love that is behind the whole operation. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to learn from her and I learned a lot! During the summer I worked on weddings of all different shapes, sizes, and colour palettes. I made corsages, boutonnierimage-9es, table arrangements, 15 foot lengths of garland, a flower crown and even a bridal bouquet. Sometimes we would do up to three weddings in a single weekend. Since I had almost no experience working with flowers before June this was amazing! Sas’s trust in me and quidance made it possible. Often I was given free reign to do my thing as long as I checked in and made sure everything looked alright.

Another big part of my time here was spent helping out with our weekly flower subscription. This is something very unique and it makes an absolutely gorgeous gift **hint hint**. A person can purchase a subscription for any number of weeks during the season. In return they will receive either a beautiful arranged bouquet or a bucket of the weeks best blooms corresponding to the chosen dates. I loved this because it gave me the chance to make a bunch of bouquets! Can I hear a hip hip hooray for another great experience?? I even attended a few markets in the big city. A couple of times a week someone from the farm heads up to Toronto to sell our blooms at the Dufferin Grove and Sorauren Market.

Okay besides what I was doing everyday, I have to gush about the quality of flowers I got to use! We only work with flowers that we have grown, which gives us a huge variety that often can’t be found in a standard floral shop. Considering this was my first job in the industry it was basically a dream come true. Some of my favourites – just to name a few, I could go on and on, were Japanese Anemone, Scabiosa, Persian Carpet Zinnias, and Love in a Puff. It is an understatement to say I was spoiled.

Something equally as lovely as the flowers were the people I worked with. I think you probably get how much I love Sas now, but there were so many other special people that have helped with the farm all in different ways that deserve some love. Andrea, Kate, Carly, Allison, Chantelle, Maddie, Jeremie, Jaime, Katrina, Jo and Louise were all a joy to work with. They made each day different and full of fun. It was great to be surrounded by hardworking people that love flowers as much as I do.

The job was so much more than I ever expected and I will forever be grateful for my time here. I think it is important to mention that this was quite the extraordinary season, full of challenges many stemming from drought. I watched Sas as a fairly new business owner handle each and everyone with grace.

So if anyone had been wondering where I have been for the last three months, it was here at Floralora Flowers surrounded by love, trust, and encouragement as I began my flower adventure.


Ps. If you haven’t checked out Sas before you totally should – here is a link to her website





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  1. Um…. how am I just reading this now! This is the sweetest post! It was a joy to have you with us this season and I can’t wait for more floral adventures together next year!! xxo

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