Arriving in Melbourne 

After over 27 hours of total travel time I have made it. If you have ever been on a long flight I commend you. The 14 hour leg of my trip was something else. I woke up at the 7 hour mark and was basically dumbfounded that I still had 7 hours to go. But! I was lucky enough to have aisle seats during the entire trip. I really like that because it means I can get up and down when I want without bothering anyone. Altogether it took three flights in a row – Toronto to Vancouver (5 hours), Vancouver to Sydney (14 hours), Sydney to Melbourne. I missed the last flight despite running through the airport with a lady I met on the plane. That airline runs a flight from Sydney to Melbourne almost every half an hour so it wasn’t a big deal. The lady I met was so so helpful and I am very thankful for all that she did for me – she might have made the first flight if my bag didn’t take so long to show up. She was also familiar with the airport which really helped! 

View of part of the city – Melbourne

Since then I have been exploring and relaxing. I’ve only been here for a few days so I haven’t done too much – especially since I am getting used to the time change. I have met a good group of people in the hostel I am staying at which has been really nice – a lot of people from Europe, Switzerland and Germany to be particular.

Tomorrow I am going on a bus tour to the 12 Apostles – that decision was very last minute. I couldn’t resist, the landscape is stunning, it’s a once in a lifetime experience and the price wasn’t too bad! 

This is what the 12 apostles look like!

But before I leave Melbourne I hope to get to the Queen Victoria Market, as well as the Royal Botanical Gardens and spend a day in Saint Kilda. Which means my next few days will have a little more going on! And then on Monday I am flying out to Hobart, Tasmania. 

Palm trees in December


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